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Locust Puppeteers_Cast of Characters
Locust Puppeteers_Cast of Characters

A Theatrical Drawing
The Cast of Characters

The PUPPETEERS from left to right:
Sheldon Adelson: Billionaire political puppeteer, owns Las Vegas and Israel newspapers. Puppeteers are strangers to truth.

Rebekah Mercer: Political megadonor, devious operative, Trump supporter, called the “First Lady of the Alt-Right” (white suprematist)

Hermann Goering: Most powerful Nazi after Hitler, instrumental in the Rape of Europa, notorious art thief and war criminal.

The Koch Brothers: May not like Trump much but their business includes among many other things: Asphalt, chemicals, fertilizers, minerals, natural gas, plastics, petroleum, pulp and paper. Mega political donors funding Americans For (their own) Prosperity (AFP) (italics my addition). Opposed to global warming regulation, affordable health care, cap and trade, collective bargaining, you name it. Powerful behind the scenes puppeteers, operating behind the screen of the not-for-profit status of AFP.

Heinrich Himmler: Nazi, head of the SS (ideological) and the Gestapo (secret police). Inspiration to white supremacists and tyrants everywhere. Seriously weird theories about race.

Richard Uihlein: Founder of the Uline business. Megadonor to the right wing.

Alfried Krupp: Powerful German industrialist , WWII weapons supplier. Hitler was one of his puppets.

The PUPPETS from left to right:
Mike Pence: Vice President
Netanyahu: His ratings go up when disaster strikes his people—War is his friend.
Anonymous Nazis and the KKK: they could be anyone
Josef Mengele: A doctor gone entirely wrong.
Pope Pius XII: controversial, perhaps conflicted? Called “Hitler’s pope”.
Donald Trump
Kim Jong-un
Goebbels : Nazi Minister of Propaganda
Ernst Kaltenbrunner: Austrian SS war criminal, idealogue, anti-semite
American Gothic farmer: everyman
Ilse Koch: called the “witch of Buchenwald”, seriously warped sadist, murderer, wife of concentration camp commander which is where she found her victims.
Deathhead cockroach: looks like Darth Vader, but not as scary as a locust