Dead ZoneDead Zone_ detail_right upperDead Zone_detail_midDead Zone_detail_lowerBubblenet PanicBubblenet Panic_ detail Humpback WhaleBubblenet Panic_detail RUQHaruki #1 DitchesHaruki#1 Ditches_ DETAIL1Haruki#1 Ditches_DETAIL2In the Arms of Fierce Mother OceanIn the Arms of Fierce Mother Ocean_DETAILIn the Arms of Fierce Mother Ocean_DETAIL (plankton)Glowfish, Quarks, and QuasarsGlowfish, Quarks, and Quasars_DETAILGlowfish, Quarks, and Quasars_ DETAILFour Horsemen (CO2,CO2,nullO2,Rotten egg)Eye Under FirestormJellyfish Ghost ForestDrowned ForestThe Purse SeineSkeleton CoastThe Gleaming ShoalINSTALLATION VIEW, Neptune's ElephantNeptune's Elephant, overall
Neptune's Elephant, LEFT UPPER PANELNeptune's Elephant, RIGHT UPPER PANELNeptune's Elephant, LEFT LOWER PANELNeptune's Elephant,  RIGHT LOWER PANELWhale FallBig Fish, Little Fish, WormWhale and SquidDeath In Shallow WatersThe Hungry Sea
In roughly reverse chronological order