Mnemosyne_Overall Installation photoMnemosyne, Installation Photo 2Mnemosyne, Installation Photo 3Mnemosyne_Overall_FrontalMnemosyne_Overall ObliqueMnemosyne_Detail_Tabletop frontalMnemosyne_Detail_oblique Head WoodsMnemosyne_Detail_Eyes full of videoMnemosyne_Detail_Face+lensesMnemosyne_Detail_Lenses reflectingMnemosyne_Detail_Lenses transmitMnemosyne_Detail_Lens close-upMnemosyne_Detail_poetryMnemosyne_Detail_Bone,Lichen,LeafMnemosyne_Detail_lizard-noseMnemosyne_ Detail_lizardMnemosyne_Detail_Front panelMnemosyne_ Detail_video "screen"Mnemosyne, pre-installation video documentationMnemosyne Statement
Site specific installation ("painting by other means").

Shown Sept.13 through Oct. 25, 2013 at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle, one block west of Columbus Circle :

mixed media with video
(plaster, metal, wood, paper, canvas, paint, tea, wine, plexiglass, poetry by Robinson Jeffers, Dylan Thomas, Randall Jarrell, mathematical formulae, DVDs, circuit boards, lizards (faux), botanicals, mirrors, lenses, black light, video loop by JYamada)

88" x 66" x 36"

Thanks to Brad Taylor of New Moon Construction for constructing the table (

Installation photos by Michael Berube, Keena Gonzalez, and Fred Hatt.

Studio photos prior to installation all by: Fred Hatt