In the Arms of Fierce Mother Ocean
oil on canvas
60 x 48 inches
“In the Arms of Fierce Mother Ocean” was inspired by plankton—the base of the ocean’s food chain and provider of 50% or more of earth’s oxygen, without which we would die.

Being land creatures, it is very difficult to think of ourselves as living on a water planet, subject to the mysterious workings of our oceans. And yet that is exactly our position. Mother Ocean gave us birth; we remain in her arms and if we sicken her we also will die.

I am inspired by the videos of Christian Sardet , produced by his scientific and creative team as seen in the Plankton Chronicles-- The animals of the plankton world are beautiful, strange, and fierce little creatures, surviving in a drifting world full of danger; we too are like plankton, afloat in the unknown, adrift in a complex and beautiful world, subject to fierce forces beyond our comprehension or control.

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